Anthem orders are now open for sale again! Click the picture to access the store. As stated before, I am only limiting international orders to Canada and UK (but now added Australia) at least for the time being. (The magi fanbook is still open for all countries).

Since I can’t take the international shipping options off of storenvy, I upped the shipping price to other countries to $3k to prevent buyers. I am terribly sorry for this inconvenience and hope you understand ): Thank you!

tumbrigarma asked: Hi! Is there a expected date for shippings to Germany or is that highly improvable? or Are the countries allowed now the only ones that can purchase Athem for ever and ever? :(

I have no idea, perhaps later I may open to more countries, but there is no specific date for now. 

→Anthem orders next week/Limited international shipping


Sorry for the delay! The keychains have been delayed getting here so that is the reason I haven’t opened up orders yet T_T; But I will be getting them soon so I will open up orders sometime next week. Shipping will be done in small batches at a time since it’s been a really busy few months for me.

Storenvy open sales delayed


Hey guys! I know I stated on my store Anthem orders will open again at the end of June but I was so busy with AX prep last week and I totally forgot, I got several emails about it during AX weekend. However I am completely out of the metal keychains and will not have more stock until 2 weeks from now so I won’t be able to open the Anthem sales until then. Thanks for your understanding and patience!

Also if you are going to San Japan and Otakon I will have the books available there as well.

Questions about your order


If anyone has questions about your order please email me through the store here! (include your order # as well). That way I can keep track of everyone’s questions better and reply to you faster! Thank you :)


It came part two! Thank you Haku for the keychains they are both awesome and weigh surprisingly light.


After some problems with the custom office I finally got my books on tuesday. I was suprised how big the books are! But I’m really sad that the Monarchy of Spades book got pretty damaged. T_T

The print of the books are really good! The colours are stunning. The little icons inside “Anthem” are so cute.

I love the first and last page of “Shapeshifter”. It’s great to know the tools that are used and to see rough sketches instead of “finished” ones. Also, every book contains hakus handwritten autograph. I am sure that was a lot of work.  So thank you!


After having a not so good day, coming home to this lovely package was wonderful! Everything is just gorgeous! So happy! *_* 

By: rockets Anthem Project




Omg is here!!!!!!!!!!!I’ve waited so long, I thought it would take longer to get to Taiwan!!!!


My order finally came in! I’m so excited!


AHHHHH look what I got in the mail today! I think I’m going to cry!


Freaking out because whoooa fucking yes. I CANT RIGHT NOW.

I had a realllyy good feeling about it coming today, and though I was out all day hanging with my best friend, this is definitely one of the best ways to get home from work. gfkjdlvsbhvksjdnlm though I am very hungry after flipping through the entire thing for an hour? maybe, so gonna have to eat soon, haha ;;

So beautiful, glorious and just MAGNIFICENT. The pages are soo soft and I love just touching them, let alone looking at them. Its perfect and just wow. ♥♥♥ Hard to choose just three of pages because theyre all so lovely, but these three really stood out. Just gorgeous, and pottertalia ohmygosh, I need more of that in my life asap!

I will treasure this for the rest of my life. :) Hopefully, if I ever make a half decent contribution to the usuk fandom, it’ll be a small fraction of how amazing this is!

Thank YOU Haku for making beautiful art of such a beautiful otp. ♥ c: Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D

rockets; Anthem Project


It came!!!! Haku’s usuk tribute anthology :)


I am so happy right now

Thank you Haku!! anthemproject